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Shenzhen Kanglibang Technology Co., Ltd. Is A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of Kangli Industrial (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. In Mainland China. Its Investments Include Shenzhen Kanglibang Technology Co., Ltd., Kangergu Technology Co., Ltd. And Silicon Valley New Materials Co., Ltd. Mainly Engaged In Silicone Materials. With The Help Of Many Technical Research Institutes In Germany And The United States, We Develop And Produce Silicone Glues Such As Metal Bonding Silicone And Plastic Bonding Silicone, Special Glue For Protective Films, Silicone Treatment Agents, Platinum Vulcanizing Agents, Silicone Auxiliary Materials, Color Pastes And Other Silicone Materials. The Factory Covers An Area Of 16,000 Square Meters. At Present, The Company Already Has A Large Number Of High-Quality Scientific Researchers And Operating Technicians With More Than 17 Years Of Practical Experience; It Can Provide You With A Variety Of Glue Customization Services In The Field Of Bonding At The Same Time.
Kanglibang's products are widely used in protective films, explosion-proof films, optical films, process films, silicone kitchenware, communication electronics technology, silicone medical equipment, State Grid power products, adult toys, silicone gifts, silicone watches, infant products, high-temperature wires, In the fields of silicone buttons, printing rubber rollers, silicone diving supplies, etc., we have directly or indirectly cooperated with many well-known brand companies such as ABB, China Aerospace, Emerson, China Southern Power Grid, Huicheng, Foxconn, Wall, Meizu, ZTE, BYD, etc. cooperate. The designated service provider for high-temperature resistant glue for China's Shenzhou 10 spacecraft, the designated silicone glue manufacturer for China's 3302 Military Factory, Beijing Satellite Manufacturing Factory, etc.


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